We want to be a benchmark for creativity, innovation and technology, through the research of the excellence and the supply of the best products to become leaders in the top rang.

Thermocold Group from the beginning.
The basis for the new Thermocold was created thanks to a meeting between some businessmen from Veneto and Thermocold Property in Bari in light of a common project with both parties having the same purpose.

The professional background of human resources under the new organization, coming from the most qualified companies in the industry, allows strategy planning and intense investments aimed at providing the production structure with the most advanced production and testing systems, which still have very few corresponding similarities in the European production scene/context.

The new management makes a strategic change, proposing a new company, dynamic, highly competitive and technical, setting a new marketing plan with strategies aimed to implement:
♦ the full renovation of product range, according to the specific market requests;
♦ human resources qualification, through dedicated training programs for each sector;
♦ the creation of a specialized team able to face an ambitious challenge
♦ the formulation of a plan for business image coordination and communication suitable for a full recovery and affirmation of the brand.

Thermocold is the first in the European market to propose a complete range of chillers and heat pumps up to 100kW with scroll compressors.


Thermocold obtains the ISO 9001 certification, later renewed according to ISO 9001:2000 requirements (Vision 2000).

Thermocold is the first to introduce a new and innovative multifunctional product range, for the simultaneous hot sanitary water production, and patented ENERGY and QUATTRO product lines.

The first MULTISCROLL "MODULO Z" product line for cooling capacity up to 200 kw is created.

Thermocold anticipates market trends and clearly focuses on new refrigerants with R134a chillers "Ewa" and with R407C "AWAE".

A chillers line with screw compressors called “MODULO V” with power up to 740kW is introduced to the market TECHRAIL division was created, a product line dedicated to the conditioning of railway passenger coaches, but more generally to the railway and metro transport sector, with a full line of packaged, split system and roof-top air conditioners.

The complete Thermocold’s product range is available with eco-friendly refrigerants, R134a and R407C, prior than most competitors.
The innovative plate heat exchangers are introduced for all cooling units up to 200 kw.

At the IKK exhibition in Hanover, a preview of the first chiller with the new R410 refrigerant was presented. The strategies focus primarily on pursuing an eco-friendly policy, with the purpose of providing products designed to minimize environmental impact, which is expressed mainly in:
♦ an increase and improvement of the energy performance for future product lines in order to increase the cooling efficiency and reduce energy consumption;
♦ research for products with alternative refrigerants, which are more reliable and have lower environmental impact, aimed at avoiding the problems concerning the greenhouse effect
♦ reduction of noise through the study of a wide series of low noise products, which can even be installed in highly protected zones characterized by extremely restrictive acoustic constraints
♦ highly innovative solutions making the activities of designers and fitters easier
♦ an attention and sensitivity towards all processes which bring meaningful benefits to the reduction of environmental impacts in consequence to production activities.

Thermocold is the first company in the market to launch the “MODULO P PROZONE” series, with cooling capacities from 160 to 400 kW, equipped with plate heat exchangers, which are the first ever products using the R410A refrigerant. At the same time the series of DAW pool dehumidifiers is proposed.

The growing success of the railway and metro transport air conditioning division, leads to the creation of a dedicated website WWW.TECHRAIL.IT.

Some important and meaningful innovations are launched on the market:

ENERGY New Release 2002 the total recovery poly-functional cooling group, patented since 1996, available in a range of cooling capacities up to 350 kW, with significant thermodynamic and energetic innovations.

Thermocold obtains the Vision 2000 and PED certifications.

The innovation and expansion process of MULTISCROLL range of products continues, with the extension of cooling capacities range for AWA ENERSAVE onto the market, the first Italian line of water condensers and heating pumps equipped with scroll multi-compressors with very high-performance in terms of consumption and able to provide up to 820 cooling kW.

With the introduction of the “ROOF AIRE HP” new line, packaged units for outdoor installation Roof top type for very crowded rooms, Thermocold gets into the sector of direct expansion and proposes a new thermodynamic recovery system for cinemas, multiplex, shopping centers.

At the MOSTRA CONVEGNO exhibition, “ARTÈCH” is introduced, a R410A air-water chiller, with cooling capacities from 100 to 202 kW, with a revolutionary design.
ARTÈCH wins the first prize for the HVAC&R Innovation, organized by Costruire Impianti magazine, in the air-conditioning products category.

The experience in the field of multifunctional groups QUATTRO leads to patent the new concept of six tubes systems with patented line SEI, six pipes machines that can simultaneously meet 3 different uses.

At the Expocomfort Show Meeting the following are introduced:
♦ the AWA ENERSAVE FC new series of cooling units with incorporated indirect free-cooling
ENERGY HOME, a small 5kW multifunction thermo-cooling group which produces hot sanitary water up to 60°C, for wall mounting for the replacement of traditional boilers.

At the same time the ARTÈCH range is widened and new models with cooling capacities from 15 to 25 kW, R410A refrigerant and scroll compressor equipped with an inverter for continuous modulation of the provided cooling capacity from 100% to 30%.

The famous range of multifunctional cooling units ENERGY and SEI grows: from the beginning of the year a new patent is added to the previous two. The new high energy efficiency versions SEI and ENERGY HWT with twinned scroll compressors are able to produce hot sanitary water at 70°C for creating anti-Legionella thermal cycles, very important in residential and hotel sectors.
Because of the increasing need to use renewable energy sources, the new heat pump series for geothermal applications, EASY GHP and CWC ENERSAVE GHP, are created.

DOMINO is born, it is an original concept of packaged modular cooling units, with R410A, air cooled, for outdoor installation with axial fans and Scroll compressors in tandem. DOMINO is covered by a series of international patents, among which are:
HSC: 40% increase in capacity and energy efficiency, thanks to hybrid cooling
EASY CHANGE: possibility to change every basic module from one version to another one.

Thanks to relevant experience in the petrochemical, natural gas and oil and gas platforms sectors, the ATEX LINE is created, purposely for all applications in explosive atmospheres produced by these type of industrial plants where particular attention is required.

This line grows with the introduction of cooling units, condenserless units, compressor units, remote condensers and special air handling units, which fully comply with ATEX regulations. This line is purposely made for all industrial plants where anti-explosion devices are required.

The new HOMETECH line is created, representing the best Thermocold technology for cooling capacities lower than 40 kW. It includes multifunctional heat pumps with total recovery for producing, even simultaneously, cold water, hot water for heating purposes and hot sanitary water with air to water and geothermal systems.
The Hometech line anticipates the new trends in alternative energy use and CO2 emissions reduction for residential heating with heat pump.

The experience acquired with the HOMETECH line, is an incentive to a more decisive exploration of new technological boundaries in renewable energy use, to fully meet the growing demand of comfort and wellbeing, and primarily of sustainable growth, energy saving and non-renewable energy resources conservation.
New ideas and new horizons start emerging in the use of ecological refrigerant (R744a), energy improving of thermodynamic cycles (high COP > 4), with products and systems environment friendly. Massive investments are made for researching and realizing non-polluting products, according to the dictates of VISION 2020 and the Kyoto protocol, and also through sustainable industrial policies.

Thermocold meets future market needs and the sustainable environmental policy requirements by launching HEATING SYSTEM, new systems for heating which concentrates the most modern and advanced technologies and refrigerant gas with zero environmental impact like CO2.

The flagship of the HEATING SYSTEM are the multifunctional heat pumps with 2 pipes with high COP (over 4) able to supply hot sanitary water and for uses up to 80°C suitable for cold weather up to -40°C, heat pumps with CO2 (R744) with COP 5 and hot water at 90°C, multifunctional heat pumps for residential applications that ensure regular operation even with temperatures up to -20°C.

Following the major innovations and important patents in the 4-pipes multifunctional systems field, MULTITUBE SYSTEM is conceived.
This system concentrates the highest technology in the 4-pipes multifunctional units field.

Thermocold expresses its full potential with a strong segmentation of the offer to the market by introducing its new lines and systems:
♦ LINEA ATEX ( explosion proof environment ATEX )
♦ LINEA MARINE ( civil and military naval applications )

Within all lines fall the following systems: