The ETW water-to-water heat pump, ideal for industrial use, efficiently utilises waste heat to supply hot water at high temperatures.

  • Water-to-water centrifugal heat pump running on R134a
  • Produces hot water at up to 90°C
  • Can significantly reduce CO2 emissions
  • The ETW-L has a heating capacity from 340 kW to 600 kW
  • ETW-L produces chilled water and hot water simultaneously
  • Our instinctive control panel allows for easy operation

This thermodynamic system uses electricity and can dramatically reduce your running costs and CO2 emissions. The ETW utilises ‘free’ waste heat source water from either industrial processes or commercial water-cooled chillers to produce hot water at up to 90°C and provide the most environmentally friendly results possible, with the ETW-L reducing CO2 emissions by more than 50% compared to a gas boiler or an oil boiler.
Depending on the heat source temperature, you can expect a heating CoP (Coefficient of Performance) of up to 7 (the higher the heat source water temperature, the higher the COP) – for comparison, the CoP of a gas boiler is around 1. The ETW-L model is capable of producing both chilled water and hot water at the same time, and allows constant control over the temperature of hot water leaving the system.

How it works
The heat pump is a device that transfers heat energy from one location (the ‘heat source’ side) to another location (the ‘hot water’ side) through mechanical work.
In the system’s evaporator, the refrigerant absorbs heat from the heat source by changing from liquid phase into gas phase. Then, the refrigerant passes through the two-stage centrifugal compressor, before entering the condenser, where it changes from gas form into liquid form and gives off heat to the hot water side. It is then expanded to reduce its pressure before being returned to the evaporator, beginning a new refrigeration cycle.
In the case of the ETW-L, we have added a subcooler and an economiser to increase the performance of the machine. Our technology has a theoretical CoP 10% higher than that of a single stage refrigeration cycle.

We have improved upon our previous ETW-H model to develop the ETW-L, a more flexible heat pump which has a heating capacity from 340 kW to 600 kW depending on your temperature requirements. Its CoP is also dependent on temperature conditions – for example, the system has a heating CoP of 4 if the inlet heat source water temperature is 50°C and the outlet hot water temperature is 80°C.
With the biggest challenge facing our industry being to significantly reduce our carbon footprint, the greatest advantage of the ETW-L is to provide hot water while dramatically reducing CO2 emissions compared to other current technologies, such as gas boilers and oil boilers.

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