PFD & Branch Pipes

PFD & Branch Pipes

PFD refrigerant flow branch control allows you to remotely control your KXR6 system in groups or individual units.

Our PFD branch control units can connect up to 20 indoor units with a total capacity of 44.8kW, allowing them to operate in the same mode (either cooling or heating). The new design allows for easy installation, with indoor units able to be connected up to 40m away and a direct connection between the indoor unit liquid pipe and the liquid line, bypassing the PFD. This halves the amount of pipe connections per indoor unit, reducing installation time and cost.

In the event of mode changeover using only the indoor units and PFD box combination, the units provide reduced mode changeover sound without having to turn off the compressor or reduce capacity.

We have also introduced the PFD1123X4-E, which is a 4-way PFD control that gives individual control for up to 4 indoor units and allows simultaneous cooling or heating.

Certified branch pipes for trouble-free operation and long-term reliability

When installing KXR6 systems, our supplied branch pipe kits must be used to make connections to indoor units, and the supplied manifold kits must be used to make connections between outdoor units (standard fittings such as elbows or tees cannot be used). The branch pipes must be installed in accordance with the manufacturer’s instructions, allowing for an unrestricted flow of refrigerant and in accordance with European standard E378:2000.

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