Our water-cooled centrifugal chillers are more efficient than air-cooled alternatives, and are designed for optimised performance, quality and reliability in large applications.

  • Available as bespoke or standard units
  • Cooling capacities from 527 kW to 17.6 MW
  • Preventive Maintenance Program available to support your system
  • Unrivalled experience from MHI, having installed thousands of systems around the world since 1956

Our water-cooled centrifugal chiller range provides cost-saving ways to air-condition or process water for district cooling plants, factories, large shopping malls or office buildings. Installing high-efficiency chillers not only reduces CO2 emissions but also significantly lowers operational costs. MHI chillers are manufactured for efficiency, reliability and sustainability.

Our range
The pharmaceutical, automotive, agro-food and other industries need chillers for air conditioning and industry-specific processes. We offer standard and bespoke centrifugal chillers for use in the construction industry, in environments such as district cooling plants, data centres, and commercial stores.
Our AART chillers are high-capacity bespoke units designed for use in large factories or district cooling plants.
Our ETI standard chillers are dedicated to industrial applications, large commercial projects and data centres.

High performance equipment
Our compact water-cooled chillers provide cooling capacities from 527 kW to 17.6 MW. To ensure the highest CoP (Coefficient of Performance) and reduce electricity costs, our technologically advanced machines incorporate one or two two-stage centrifugal compressors, one sub-cooler, one economiser and two-stage expansion valves, running with R134a refrigerant.
The technology of centrifugal compressors enables the chillers to use less energy by providing a higher performance, which in turn saves on electricity costs. This highly efficient technology also contributes to a vast reduction in CO2 emissions.

Unrivalled experience
Water-cooled centrifugal chillers deliver the world’s highest levels of refrigeration efficiency and environmental performance. We installed our first centrifugal chiller in 1956, and since then we have installed thousands of them all over the world. Our largest sized MHI chillers are used in many district cooling plants including Marina Bay Sands, Tokyo Skytree, and Kuala Lumpur City Centre.
We apply our experience of manufacturing large-scale and efficient chillers to provide a reliable Preventive Maintenance Program that will keep your centrifugal chiller running efficiently and effectively. You can rely on our experience and knowledge to offer maintenance programs tailored to meet your needs and to provide the perfect service for your unit.

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