Heat Pumps

Our Heat Pumps range provides efficient, cost-saving ways to heat water for use in bathrooms and kitchens, in central heating or in industrial processes.We manufacture a range of air-to-water and water-to-water heat pumps suitable for domestic, commercial, and industrial use. Our range consists of:


The Q-ton is a new generation heat pump product used for heating water and is designed and manufactured by Mitsubishi Heavy Industries Japan. The Q-ton is based on highly innovative and environmentally-friendly proprietary technology. It utilises carbon dioxide as the refrigerant, therefore it’s impact on the ozone layer and the environment is minimal compared to standard refrigerants.

The Q-ton can help customers achieve huge savings in cost and energy, whilst preserving the environment. The main application of the Q-ton is as a replacement for water boilers in commercial buildings including Hotels, Hospitals & Clinics, Universities, Supermarkets, Food Processing Plants, Restaurants and Fitness Centres/Spas. It can be used for both water heating and underfloor heating both in new and existing buildings. Energy savings can reach up to 76% and the product has zero ozone depletion potential, making it extremely popular with customers across Europe and Japan.

Cypin recently introduced the Q-ton to the Cyprus market, where it is unique and unrivalled in its particular category.

HydrolutionHydrolution – An air-to-water heat pump, mostly for space heating and cooling domestic use, capable of producing hot sanitary water at up to 65°C. The system is composed of an outdoor and an indoor unit that doubles up as a water tank, and is available in 8kW, 9kW or 16kW capacities.

ETW – A high capacity water-to-water heat pump suitable for industrial means, which uses the heat of waste water to produce large amounts of sanitary hot water at up to 90°C.

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Centrifugal Heat Pump (ETW)