A private company founded in 1990 by Ing. Petr Morávek CSc., ATREA’s strengths are years of experience in the microclimate of buildings and particularly waste heat recovery. The company’s founder has authored many inventor’s certificates, patents and industrial designs in the field. ATREA’s product portfolio has gradually taken shape into what are now energy-saving solutions – heat recovery, top-of-the-range control systems, heat pumps and also low-energy and passive houses.
After a difficult start in the laundry room of a house and later in rented premises the company moved in 1996 to a redecorated facility boasting a shop-floor area of over 4,000 square metres. As a result of the economic and geographic proximity ATREA focused on the German market where a well-chosen strategic partner and the top quality of its products firmly established its position there, and other markets such as the Netherlands, Switzerland, the UK, Italy, Slovenia followed. New cross-flow and later counter-flow heat exchangers were launched and became the foundation of a successful range of DUPLEX units.

The Present

ATREA’s technical innovation and focus on top quality together with active business policy resulted in a need for larger manufacturing premises. In 2014 the company therefore moved again, this time into a new production facility with over 10,000 square meters. ATREA’s export endeavours then began to target the remaining European market, with initial negotiating also taking place oaverseas. The new generation of ventilation units with cutting-edge parameters has positioned the company among the best in Europe in the industry.

Company´s headquarters

Office premises

Production hall

Aerodynamic laboratory

Product range

The entire manufacturing programme is currently divided into 4 major areas:

  • DOMESTIC LINE – Residential ventilation and warm-air heating – Airflow rate range between 180 – 550 mc/h
  • COMMERCIAL LINE – Multi-purpose unit ventilators with heat recovery – Airflow rate range between 500 – 15 000 mc/h
  • KITCHEN LINE – Kitchen ventilation ceilings and kitchen hoods
  • ATREA HOUSES – low-energy and passive houses

Why We are successful:

  • Great compactness – up to 60 % space reduction
  • Own production of various heat recovery cores with efficiency from 50 to 92 %
  • Great variety of mounting positions and port possibilities
  • Three-week delivery times or shorter for all products
  • Own control system by ATREA, also by Carel
  • Own ATREA selection software – also for residential ventilation AHUs
  • Easy instalation, plug and play systems, no secondary costs
  • CE certification
  • VDI 6022
  • Passive house certification